Governments sponsoring Linux

Given the historic as well as contemporary significance of Linux as an operating system, several prominent governments across the world have been wanting to protect and promote the same. The fact that it is freely available is also an add-on as far as its promotion is concerned. Apart from the United States where it obviously originated and obviously enjoys profound significance, the Brazilian government has been particularly proactive in sponsoring Linux.

Yet another great move was by the Russian government, when there were rumors adrift about the Defense Forces making strategic use of the system and its derivative software to craft novel warfare and combat technology. While the case of the former is largely concerned, the case of the latter is largely unconfirmed and scientists are yet to fathom whether this really happened.

Spread of Linux in Asia

While Linux was largely popular in the West towards the beginning phase, there came a time after a couple of years when the operating system enjoys a special patronage from the government. The Chinese government as well as the North Korean Government have heavily invested in creating variations and add-ons on this software to support various research-related ventures. Take the Red Star OS developed by the North Korean Government for instance. This is a customized version of Linux which has been completely localized based on the North Korean language and its various nuances. The official developer of Red Star OS is the Korea Computer Center which is situated in Pyongyang, which is the capital of North Korea. So far, 3 versions of this operating system have been launched and used country-wide so far, which is Version 1, Version 2 and Version 3.

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